Our Mission

Your Satisfaction

At Lemoyne Nail Salon, our goal is customer satisfaction.  We realize that there are many salons in the surrounding area competing for your business, however there is one thing that sets us apart from all of them.  Your satisfaction. 


Lemoyne is a tiny town surrounded by suburbs and a city, and quite frankly it can easily be overlooked as a pass through area.  While passing through, wouldn't it be nice to pamper yourself a bit?  We would like to not only give you beautiful nails, but would also like to give you a relaxing time that will be a highlight of your day. 


We understand that no business is perfect, including ours.  If we ever do anything that fails to meet your expectations, please let us know and we will do whatever it takes to ensure your full satisfaction. 


We strive to beat the competition in all areas, including pricing, discounts, availability, and above all else customer satisfaction.


We at Lemoyne Nail Salon realize the incredibly difficult economic times we are going through in this area and we want to serve you with affordable luxury treatment that can help you deal with the stresses of every day life while feeling beautiful and powerful with the professional treatment you will receive at our salon.


Please feel free to contact at any time for appointments during our regular business hours.

Services include our spa pedicures below along with all standard nail treatments.